PWTK stands for PWscf ToolKit.

PWTK is a toolkit for PWscf set of programs contained in the Quantum ESPRESSO ( distribution. Its purpose is to make the usage of the Quantum ESPRESSO (QE) easier. It explicitly supports many (but not all) QE executables. It is possible run also executables that are not explicitly supported, but the input-construction mechanism is more rigid for the unsupported executables.

This documentation is split into four chapters:

      1. Tutorial -- to start with (user should read it)
      2. UserInterface -- description of PWTK's user interface (UI) (user should read it).
      3. Examples -- several examples that demonstrates how use the PWTK (user should read it).
      4. API      -- description of PWTK's application programming interface (developers and very advanced users should read it).