PWTK stands for PWscf ToolKit.

PWTK is a Tcl scripting interface for Quantum ESPRESSO (QE), aiming at a flexible and productive framework. It explicitly supports all QE executables that have the INPUT_*.html documentation. Furthermore, it is also possible to run executables that are not explicitly supported (as well as any other executable not belonging to QE).

The name PWTK, standing for "PWscf ToolKit", originates from the facts that (1) it initially supported only the PWscf subset of QE programs, and (2) the name of "Quantum ESPRESSO" did not yet exist at the time the PWTK project was initiated.

The documentation consists of the following chapters:

      1. A Short Guide -- to get the basic idea about PWTK, guide.html
      2. UserInterface -- description of PWTK's user interface
      3. Workflows -- tasks that glue together several different calculations
      4. Examples -- several examples that demonstrates how use PWTK
      5. API      -- description of PWTK's application programming interface (useful for developers and very advanced users).